Elsaan Outfitting is owned and operated by Dean and Kari Ringwalt. Dean and Kari were married on November 23, 1991 and have two sons Brice and Seth. Dean has always had a growing love and passion for hunting and the outdoors. In 2011 Dean decided to turn the family farm into a licensed hunting preserve. With the hard work of family and friends Elsaan Outfitting was born. Elsaan Outfitting has two properties; a 165 acre plot with 3 challenging sporting clay courses, a clubhouse, a gymnasium, 10 fish ponds, and a 65 foot European tower. Within close proximity is the 80 acre plot consisting of the bird barn, flight pens, and hatchery. Using two seperate properties and scheduling only one hunt per day is essential to maintain a non commercialized hunting experience. 

Here at Elsaan Outfitting we are dedicated to providing superior service, raising top quality birds, and ensuring that all family members can spend quality time together outdoors. Dean's love of dogs and their overwhelming relentless drive to find those feathered friends has helped cultivate Elsaan Outfitting into an amazing and rewarding business. With his desire to preserve the heritage of bird hunting, he is continuously working hard to expand and develop Elsaan Outfitting.  His ultimate goal is to provide you with an unforgettable/traditional hunting experience; one that you will want to put down your IPhone and hit the scenic fields to marvel at the dogs and collect your trophy before it flies away! 

As always we encourage non-hunting partners to come along and enjoy the farm and group hunting experience.

To honor God by providing and maintaining a unique, positive, and safe hunting experience for all.

26100 Township Road 52
Walhonding, Ohio 43843
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October 1st - April 1st 

We are open 7 days a week for your convenience! Sundays we are closed until 12 noon.

Reservations must be made for both hunts and sporting clays.

For reservations contact: 
  • Dean @ 740-294-9399


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